AT GLB Motors, we believe that the key to a perfectly functioning vehicle is regular maintenance. No matter how roughly you use your car, truck or any other vehicle, the only way it is going to stay in shape is to follow it up regularly with a maintenance routine. Among all our services, we pride ourselves the most for being the best Maple Ridge Brake Repair company.

What We Offer

Before we start off with what we offer, let us tell you a bit about how to tell when your brakes need to be repaired.  If this happens to you then you need to get to the maintenance routine fast:

  1. The dashboard light of the brake glows, and you know that there has been an issue with the anti-lock brake system of your vehicle.
  2. The pedal of the brake feels rather spongy and doesn’t respond fast enough.
  3. There’s a constant grinding/choking/squeaking noise when you press the brakes.

Any one of these signs indicate that it is a good idea to have a thorough checkup of your vehicle’s brakes. AT GIB Motors, we run a check on your vehicle’s brakes and tell you what it is that needs to be done, how it is to be done and let you know in details about every single change we make to your vehicle.

So here are some of the steps included in our Maple Ridge Brake Repair service:

  1. Thorough evaluation of your brake system
  2. Inspecting the brake’s components and occasional repair. But we prefer replacing what’s faulty.
  3. Finding the faulty parts and their replacement – mostly the brake pads and brake shoes
  4. Resurfacing the drum or rotor.
  5. We offer a lifetime warranty on disc pads and brake shoes.
  6. We also offer standard brake services with change of fluids for bleeding brakes.

Why Choose Us for the Brake Service

At GIB Motors, we ensure that your vehicle gets the personalized attention that it deserves to get and so, we keep a detailed record of your vehicle’s diagnosis and follow it up with every single maintenance routine. This helps us to know what needs to be fixed or replaced and what needs more attention. You can count on us for the best services of brake repair in Maple Ridge.