We at GIB Motors have an array of services listed just for you; but perhaps the most-used and demanded service of ours is the Out of Province Inspections Maple Ridge. This means that if your vehicle has been registered in another province, you have to go through an Inspection (Out of Province Inspections) before you can get your vehicle registered in the current province you are in.

What We Offer

In simple words, this Out of Province Inspections is basically a thorough check of your vehicle. It is a basic safety check or assessment of the mechanical fitness of the vehicle.

At GIB Motors, this assessment is performed by a certified technician who knows his job. A careful check of your vehicle’s parts like batteries, engine control, driveline, powertrain, suspension, steering, brakes, electrical systems, wiring and tires, lights, coolants, defrosters, wipers etc. reveals any problem your vehicle might have and thus provides you a chance to sort it out. The vehicle must be maintained as per a standard called the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) or use tolerances.

Another test that follows up with the Out of Province Inspections Maple Ridge is the Structural Integrity Inspections; this test reveals if your vehicle’s frame or body shows signs of major collision damage or faulty repairs. This test also reveals corrosion in members of the vehicle’s body or frame. Both these tests ensure that you get a chance to restore your vehicle in good shape along with the requirements that are a result of these inspections.

Why Choose GIB Motors for Out of Province Inspections

At GIB Motors, we have been giving our best ever since we were established in 1967. We are proud to have a team of experts who are certified to do the Out of Province Inspections Maple Ridge and the Structural Integrity Inspections for you. We ensure personalized services which are just what you need for one of the biggest assets of your life. You get a detailed record of your vehicle’s diagnosis with us, which we use for the servicing and inspections. GIB Motors is certainly the best option for you at Maple Ridge.